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Survival Tip #1: Surviving your “life predicament”

Other blogs offer snark about the Oscar broadcast on this day after, such as why in the world did Melissa Leo take away poor old (very old) Kirk Douglas’s cane, the BRUISED MUSE gives you survival tips that might really be useful in your life.  For Survival Tip #1, here’s one of my favorite quotes from the brilliant psychiatrist (and novelist) Irvin Yalom, who literally wrote the book on group psychotherapy. This quote is from one of his shorter works, The Gift of Therapy.  He says:

“Once an individual recognizes their role in creating their own life predicament, they realize that they, and only they, have the power to change the situation.”

The Bruised Muse has found, in her life and in her psychotherapy office, that life gets a whole lot easier when an individual finally recognizes that she (or he) ONLY has the power to change how she behaves in the world, and how she responds to others’ behavior toward her.  She does NOT have the power to change the others’ behavior.

To begin learning how one actually is in the world (as opposed to how one believes one is), one must first develop some curiosity about it.

More about curiosity in another post.