Psychotherapy, Grief Counseling

I offer confidential private psychotherapy and counseling for individuals dealing with a variety of life issues such as grief and loss, depression, trauma, anxiety, trauma, conflict, relationship difficulties, self-esteem and confidence, finding your passion, and creativity blocks.  I use traditional talk therapy, cognitive/behavioral therapy, EMDR techniques, narrative therapy, and a variety of creative healing techniques, including the expressive therapies, particularly writing. I teach meditation, mindfulness, and coping skills.  I also do couple’s counseling.

I believe that to move toward healing and change you must first begin to see yourself accurately in the world and then imagine yourself differently.  I work with you to identify any blocks that might impede your ability to heal and change, such as trauma.  I welcome you into my practice in my office in Stamford, Connecticut, or will work with you on Skype if you live elsewhere. You’ll find me open, empathetic, and present with you as you struggle to construct a new way of being in the world and/or write a new story about your own life.  I want to help you move beyond freedom from pain into self-actualization.

I hold a masters level degree in psychology (MA), and an MSW, and I am licensed in clinical social work.

Call me at 203-536-3531 for a free consultation.  You can submit to your insurance for out of network.  I also offer a sliding scale.

My specialty is grief and I offer bereavement counseling for those who have suffered loss.  I work with individuals and families and currently run a parents bereavement group and a senior spousal bereavement group. I am a bereaved mother myself, and a writer who used her own creative process to observe, analyze, and understand the process of grief and to heal herself from its pain.  I have experienced profound grief, and I  embrace you and walk with you as you struggle through your own losses Remember, there are many types of losses people might face.  These include:

  • Loss of someone close (through death of family member or friend)
  • Loss of significant other or spouse (through death, divorce, breakup, or circumstance)
  • Loss of health (through accident or illness, or a loved one’s accident or illness)
  • Loss of culture (through immigration)
  • Loss of cherished dreams or ambition
  • Loss of a friendship
  • Loss of safety after a trauma
  • Loss of job, income, lifestyle, or financial stability
  • Loss associated with life-stage changes (including loss of childhood, transition to adulthood, “midlife crisis,” aging, loss of “beauty”
  • Loss of privacy or autonomy
  • Loss of innocence

Call me for at 203-536-3531 for a free consultation.  I know it’s hard, but go ahead, make the call.

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