BLOG: Fabulist Fun Fact #2: Michele Bachman, Feverish Conspiracy Theorist

Bachman the Great

My trusty Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (which by the way is longer than everything except the Longer Oxford English Dictionary) defines “fabulist” as “someone who invents dishonest stories.” #2 Fabulist Fun Fact (via the NY Times): Michael Bachman, Republican of Minnesota, and those who believe the pearls that emerge from her mouth, thinks its an “interesting coincidence” that “in the 1970s swine flu broke out under another Democrat President, Jimmy Carter.” Notice the charming word Democ-RAT, which has all but replaced the word Democratic and which Republicans and even some Democrats now use as the adjective form SOP.

Fabulist Fun Facts

Screams of the Damned

It’s occurred to me while reading Richard Dawkins brilliant polemic, “The God Delusion,” that at least once a day, often more, I see, hear, or read something that makes me wonder what universe some people live in, so I’m creating a new category,”Fabulist Fun Facts.” Here’s #1: SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT BY LISTENING IN TO VOLCANOS YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE SCREAMS OF THE DAMNED?

Feel free to offer your own Fabulist Fun Facts.