Survival Tip of the Day (#58): Be grateful.

The practice of gratefulness may be the most productive habit you can develop. Martin Seligman, the positive psychology guru, recommends that you write down at least three things you’re grateful for every day. For an old cynic like me, that’s a lot of gratitude, but I force myself to do it anyway. Air, family, and pedicures are good places to start. Today, Sunday, January 29, I am grateful for: 1. My amazing grandchild, Maya Rose, who makes me laugh with glee! 2. Zumba (although I wish the gal would stick with salsa, Indian, kumbaya, etc, and cool it with the hip hop, since I often find the lyrics offensive) 3. My wonderful son in law, who set me up with a new site for my ramblings.


4 thoughts on “Survival Tip of the Day (#58): Be grateful.

  1. Fran, One of the ways I’ve made this work in my life is to write the five best things that happened that day. Albeit, some days are so bad that the best things boil down to my not kicking someone n the shin but it’s somehow easier for me to think of five best things that happened than three things for which I’m grateful because, inevitably, I want to always say “My children, My husband, My family.” Sometimes the dogs are in the top three because one of the others have irked me. And the five things are always things for which I am grateful so it serves a double purpose.

  2. I like that, Satia. Perfect! Let’s see, so far I’m still in my bathrobe, although I have to get dressed to go to work soon, but if I were doing the happy thing for today, I would say I’m happy to be working on my new blog (set up by my wonderful son-in-law). Check out my writing samples and links listed in “Other Writing.” There’s a piece from the (so far unpublished) memoir, “How I Lost My Bellybutton and Other Naked Survival Stories.” And thanks for writing.

  3. Few years back I was emotionally reaching up to touch bottom and went to a local church to seek God’s solace. The doors, naturally, were locked. Coming back down the stairs I spot this wishing shell, a Christian thing, filled with coins. Pennies, dimes mostly. A couple of quarters. It’s maybe five feet by five feet, so a hard target to miss. At one point a crack about a quarter-inch wide by two inches long separated it from the concrete slab encasing it. I toss my coin into the air and guess where it lands? You got it. In that tiny crack. Initially felt pretty shitty. Figured God was telling me to take a hike. Then I got to thinking about what happened and started to chuckle. Still get a lot of chuckles and mileage out of that story. Recently had an occasion to tell the story to a friend who said, “Seems like god gave you enough solace to last a lifetime. Think how boring life would be, if that coin of yours landed where you were aiming.”

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