Surviving Fire (or perhaps Survival by Fire)

Okay, so that last blog with the frying pan WAS a little bit snarky, despite my promises that there would be no snark on this blog.  Well, maybe just a little.  (At the moment, I’m refraining from any snark related to the pathetic, destructive path on which our country has embarked.)

In this post I want to call to Bruised Muse readers’ attention the work of Megan Smith-Harris, who once (many moons ago) took one of my creative writing workshops. She wrote to tell me what she’s up to and boy was I impressed and moved.  She’s directing and producing documentary films, some of which have been on the WE network.  Here’s the link from her documentary called: TRIAL BY FIRE: LIVES RE-FORGED.  Wow!  These are stories of amazing resilience and courage by people who’ve suffered unimaginably, burn patients who are permanently disfigured and yet find the way to cope and move on.

Here’s the promo copy from the website: “TRIAL BY FIRE: “Lives Re-Forged is a feature length documentary about burn survivors–ordinary people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The film follows their journeys as they navigate the challenging physical and emotional obstacles toward recovery, reclaiming first their lives and then their dreams.”

I’m constantly impressed at the similarity of reactions in people who survive horrible tragedies and traumas. No matter what the particulars, you hear people talk about a certain deepening of compassion, understanding, gratitude, and appreciation for life.

Here’s a quote from one of the subjects of TRIAL BY FIRE, JR Martinez, a former soldier in Iraq:

“April 5 2003 was my rebirth. Because I literally was reborn…I had to do everything over again but I learned it in such a deeper way, in a way I was more connected to life and people and adversity and it was a blessing. I feel like the fire completely re-forged my life.”

Wow. Wow. Wow.  To watch the trailer go the Trial by Fire website.

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