Surviving the End of the World, May 21st, 2011

Survival Tip #5: Since it seems the world is going to end tomorrow, the Bruised Muse thought she’d make a comment about our impending doom.  Folks, the world is full of delusions: big ones, small ones, round ones, square ones, juicy ones, dry ones.  Some delusions shout, some whisper, some spit, some transmit, some conspire. Some irritate, some ingratiate, some scare. Some delusions reach for the sky, others originate inside the head. Some are found in books. Some ripen with age. I once knew a guy who was absolutely convinced that his head was shrinking.  He encouraged me to measure his head and insisted this would prove his head was shrinking.  I got a tape measure, but he was unimpressed.

It is an unfortunate fact that delusions are round and completely impenetrable. Arguing is useless. Offering facts gets you nowhere. Pointing out contradictions is pointless.  There’s simply no way (except perhaps with medication) to eliminate delusions, talk the person out of them, or alter their shape.  Your best bet is simply to refrain from engaging, because if you happen to get in, it can be hard to get out, and you do not want to be stuck inside a delusion. It can be really scary in there.  Your best bet is to (calmly and quietly) look for some humor in the content of any delusion you happen to encounter, have a giggle (to yourself) and then withdraw.

2 thoughts on “Surviving the End of the World, May 21st, 2011

  1. Having had the (excruciating) experience of (with professional help) getting out of one of those delusions (it was huge, and yes, it was round & nothing seemed to budge it) I had a good laugh. Relief, too, that it is over. And, not surprisingly, a bit of grief. Delusions trick one to believe life with them is better–even when they turn it into a worse life–and it will feel all my life that I lost a friend. If you understand delusions, you know how it is…

  2. I understand, Remolero. Completely. And yes, you’ve made a good point. For example, it’s very seductive to believe, for example, that you have superhuman powers, and it can be very depressing to find out you don’t, and you’re just as human as the rest of us. I’m glad you found your way out, and wish you the best.

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